We provide safe, modern workplaces.

We excel in security that ensures access to the right information by the right people, at any time from any device or location.

Legacy systems or outdated IT infrastructures are usually perceived as cumbersome and unpleasant to use. They require a lot of maintenance and manual labor, which is error prone and not fun to execute. Outdated systems also cause a lot of security risks.

Identity & Access Management

Endpoint & Messaging Security

Infrastructure Services

Data Protection

A concrete question about Identity & Access Management, securing your workplace, Infrastructure Security or Information Protection?

We create digital workplaces that support growth.

Working from home, checking your agenda and planning on your phone, making videocalls from a coffee shop, helping a colleague from abroad, making notes on your tablet… all obvious these days.

A good thing because the digital workplace has a positive influence on the productivity and efficiency of employees. However, many organizations are not quite ready to keep that digital workplace up to date and secure.

Taking the lead in your safe workplace

We offer total solutions as well as targeted services.


An insufficient management solution? In need of Patch Management on devices at your employees’ homes? Technology never stands still. We ensure that your tools and applications remain up-to-date and integrated. Our modern workspace consultants help you set up and manage your workspace.

First things first

Which issues should be given priority in a workplace transition?
Based on the structure of your organization, we draw up a roadmap. This is the basis for a structured transition tailored to your company. It also becomes clear which users need access to which tools and features. We keep user-friendliness in mind and avoid too steep learning curves.

Patching matters

Do you want to assure your employees that they can continue to work in a similar and safe manner, regardless of location? Using your applications anytime, anywhere and on any device has to be safe. We guarantee the security of your digital workplace. One log-in per user, one central management location for all your applications. With thorough identity management, we get the job done.

Legacy vs. Cloud

You have bought a lot of licenses and on-premises software and don’t want to throw them away. We get that. That’s why we look at which licenses you can keep and which you should cancel. Moreover, we make sure that the efforts that have been put into the legacy systems are not completely wasted. When you choose to have your legacy and cloud systems work together, we make sure it can be done in a secure way.

We hold on to:

  • A fully up to date backend that is secure and as efficient as possible for your organization.

  • Identity & Access Management so that your users’ authorizations are up to date and have access to the right data.

  • Ensuring proper protection of your systems. Think anti-virus solutions and malware scanning.

  • Audits & Monitoring to log and report accesses.

Our approach to a secure digital workplace

A safe workplace is a never-ending story. It is an ongoing process that requires adjustments on a regular basis.


Assessment of the environment. We map out how the end-user performs his daily tasks, how the infrastructure at the customer is set up and what the future vision of the customer is.


We then create a roadmap identifying all the steps that contribute to the solution of the question.


When the roadmap is validated, we start with the implementation of a highlevel design.


After the implementation, during the aftercare, we focus on training the IT staff and users.