Protecting Identities Using Microsoft Defender For Identity Part 2 – Hands on Deployment

As we continue our exploration of robust cybersecurity solutions with Orlox, today’s focus shifts to the practical steps involved in deploying Microsoft Defender for Identity. This powerful tool is essential for protecting the sensitive identity layers within Active Directory environments against sophisticated cyber threats. In this installment we delve into the specifics of setting up […]

Protecting Identities Using Microsoft Defender For Identity Part 1 – Introductions

Active Directory (AD), the backbone of most business operations, presents a particularly enticing target for cybercriminals due to its critical role in identity management. That’s why Microsoft developed a robust solution: Microsoft Defender for Identity (MDI). In this first part of our series, we’ll explore how MDI helps safeguard organizations from identity-based threats, with insights […]

Automatically Disable AD Users Using Microsoft Defender For Identity

At Orlox, we’re dedicated to empowering organizations to maintain robust security measures, especially in the realm of identity and access management. Today, we’re delving into a potent feature of Microsoft Defender for Identity (MDI) — the capability to automatically disable Active Directory (AD) users, which is a significant help in managing identity-based threats effectively.

Have You Secured Your Digital Frontier?

Have you ever received a suspicious email or noticed unusual activity on your business’s network? You’re not alone. As businesses migrate to the digital realm, so do the threats that aim to disrupt them. This is why cyber security assessments and roadmaps are not just important but essential.

Orlox Fortifies Hospital Email Security at AZ Groeninge

Hospital AZ Groeninge, like many healthcare facilities, stores vast amounts of sensitive information that attract cybercriminals. To enhance its defenses against an ever-increasing volume of cyber threats such as spam, phishing, and rising trends in impersonation attacks, AZ Groeninge partnered with Orlox to deploy advanced email and URL protection solutions provided by Mimecast.

13 Email Security Threats Your Organization Must Defend Against

Email security risks come in many forms, and each requires a different approach to mitigate the risk. From phishing attacks to malware and ransomware, the variety of email security risks can be overwhelming. At Orlox, we believe that security is dependent on both technology and awareness. That’s why we will explore the different types of email security risks based on their complexity going from simple to more complex attacks.

Surviving The Shark-infested Waters Of Mail Security Risks

There is no single magic solution to protect your organization against the 13 most common email security threats.

Email has become an essential communication tool in both our personal and professional life. But, as people’s dependence on email has grown, so have the hazards connected with it. Because cybercriminals’ assaults have gotten more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly vital to reduce email security threats. In this blog article, we will explore the significance of reducing email security concerns as well as offer an overview of the most often used mitigation methods.