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Passion over Expertise

At Orlox, we place a high value on your passion and enthusiasm for security, often prioritizing it above the specifics of your resume.

Our approach is to develop your skills within a supportive, dynamic environment, providing you with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to develop and thrive in the field of cybersecurity.

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Our onboarding process starts with an Acen Group-led bootcamp, which provides a thorough introduction to different security domains to build a strong base for your career.

Afterwards, you enter a period of expert mentoring, pairing you with an experienced colleague to polish your skills and help you find the security niche that matches your interests, making sure you’re ready to face future challenges and succeed in your role.

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Interns are vital to our team; excel with us, and there’s almost certainly a place for you here.

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Our Culture, Your Future

Passion and enthousiasm are what drives our team. Our humor and strong team connection is what keeps it fun. Dive into our gallery to see the teamwork and fun that define our approach to security.