Secure Your Business Email with Precision and Expertise

In the digital age, your email is a gateway to critical business operations and sensitive information. With threats evolving at an unprecedented pace, standard protection measures no longer suffice. Orlox, in collaboration with Mimecast, offers a robust solution to fortify your email security against advanced threats, ensuring your business communication remains uncompromised.

Why Mimecast?

Mimecast’s comprehensive email security risk assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities within your current setup and offer actionable insights to enhance your protection. Our assessment is tailored for businesses with over 400 seats, leveraging Mimecast’s advanced technology to scrutinize every email that passes through your existing antispam solutions, ensuring nothing malicious threatens your enterprise.

Assessment Highlights

Free for Businesses with More Than 400 Seats

Tailored to leverage Mimecast’s capabilities, providing thorough and precise email security assessments without cost for eligible businesses.

Deep-Dive Analysis

A comprehensive examination of all emails processed by your current antispam solutions, identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Actionable insights

Beyond identifying risks, our assessment provides clear, actionable steps to mitigate identified vulnerabilities, enhancing your email security posture.

How it Works

  1. Sign Up: Initiate your journey towards enhanced email security by signing up for the Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment.
  2. Assessment: Our experts, utilizing Mimecast technology, will conduct a thorough analysis of your email traffic and security measures.
  3. Comprehensive Report: Receive a detailed report outlining identified vulnerabilities, potential threats, and recommended actions to fortify your email security.


Eligibility and Considerations:

Designed for businesses with more than 400 seats to ensure a resource-effective and impactful assessment.

For smaller enterprises, Orlox offers a light version of the email security risk analysis, utilizing Mimecast’s newest product innovations.

Your Path to Enhanced Email Security Begins Here

With Mimecast’s proven technology and Orlox’s expertise, safeguarding your email communication has never been more accessible. Sign up today for the Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment and take the first step towards impeccable email security.

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