How Secure is Your Microsoft Environment?

Why Advisory?

Your cybersecurity efforts are a balancing act, navigating between safeguarding your business and managing a finite budget. How do you determine where to focus your resources? How do you know if your investments are effectively protecting your organization? How can you be sure you’re not overspending in one area while neglecting another?

Our Advisory services confront these questions directly. We provide a clear, prioritized roadmap for your cybersecurity investments, ensuring they’re targeted where they’ll deliver the most significant impact. With Orlox, you gain the confidence that your security posture is not only strong but also smart and sustainable.

What we offer you

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

We dissect your Microsoft 365 setup to pinpoint vulnerabilities, using Microsoft Defender for Office 365. Our focused review delivers clear steps to tighten your security, ensuring your tools are shielded against cyber threats

Active Directory Security Assessment

We scrutinize your Active Directory for security loopholes, from outdated accounts to misconfigured permissions. Our goal is to reinforce your network’s identity management, protecting it against unauthorized access.

Email Security Risk Analysis

Our analysis targets email threats directly, employing Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to defend against phishing, malware, and spam. By implementing advanced protections like Safe Links and Anti-Phishing Policies, we keep your communications secure.

How we do it

We use a proven and standardized methodology to conduct our Microsoft 365 security assessment, based on Microsoft’s best practices and frameworks. We leverage Microsoft’s tools and frameworks, such as Secure Score, Compliance Manager, Security Dashboard, and Azure Sentinel, to collect and analyze data from your Microsoft 365 environment, and to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations.

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At Orlox, we understand the challenges of securing your Microsoft environment. Whether you need end-to-end security or specific services for one domain, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

We offer both advisory and support services, tailored to your needs and budget.